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Lucas Lepri put on an outstanding Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu seminar at East Coast Martial Arts. Lepri is a world class professor as well as competitor. We were honored to have him at an event so close to our heart.

Lepri started off with some slick subs from a transition to mount. Then he showed the best deep half guard pass in existence. He followed that up with a way to break the lapel grip once it is fed through the legs in sitting guard and how to attack with submissions from there. Once the instruction was over, Lepri took the time to train with people from the seminar and take photos with anyone who wanted them. Lepri could not have been any more helpful or kind with his time and knowledge.

The Annual Cancer Awareness Seminar is a great way for the community to enjoy jiu-jitsu and give something back. This year we raised more than $6,000 and counting for the Shower’s Center at Akron Children’s. If you were not able to attend, but would still like to support the cause, shirts are available for $20. All proceeds from shirt sales will be added to the donation.

The shirts are going fast. We will do our best to update availability on this form. Please be aware that we may not have your desired size in stock. If you order before we update, we will contact you and refund your account immediately. Thank you for your understanding.








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Thank you to everyone who sponsored the seminar: